Christmas Party Poncho

For some reason, I am absolutely loving ponchos this year, especially the turtleneck ones. I think they are perfect to wear this holiday and winter season. They are so cute, yet so comfy. Plaid is also another one of my favorites for this winter. This red, black, and white plaid poncho is perfect this holiday season. Pink Lily actually has this poncho in two other colors. I am honestly tempted to get the other two, because they are so cute.

This "stay classy" poncho is very versatile too. You can wear it to where it is longer on the front and back, or you can wear it like I did where it is longer on the sides. You can also wear this poncho with leggings and boots, jeans and booties, or you can spice it up a little like I did with a skirt and over the knee boots.

I am just in love with this outfit. I think it would be a perfect outfit to wear to a Christmas party. Just found out this poncho is still on sale from the other day on Pink Lily's site. They are now $24.00!!! You cannot beat that deal! Plus, they are offering FREE shipping for the rest of the year. Also, today ONLY they are giving away a free pair of leggings with each order. Click the picture above to go straight to their site to grab this poncho. Pink Lily is one of my favorite online boutiques, especially since they are a local company. I love supporting small and local businesses. Pink Lily's warehouse and their first and only store is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

To get my exact outfit, click HERE!

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