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Updated: Feb 10

One of my favorite things to do is shop/look at clothes online. Being a college student with a budget, it is mostly consists of me admiring different trends and looks. However, when I do have some money for clothes, I like to spend it wisely. This can include stops at thrift stores, such as Goodwill or online visits to SheIn, Boohoo, etc. Thankfully some of the "trendy" styles now are vintage clothes. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for some older Levis, Tommy Hilfiger items, or Champion hoodies, I just go to a local Goodwill or thrift store. You never know what you are going to find! Some of my pieces in my closet are from thrift stores.

When being on a budget, you sometimes have to get creative. I truly enjoy this. I am sure it would be much easier to fork out the money for whatever you want, but creating or making adjustments to a piece of clothing is so much fun. For example, in the first picture above, instead of buying a pair of new jeans for the uneven hem jean look, I just grabbed an older pair and cut them myself. This saved me tons and gave me something to do. I also do this with denim skirts and shorts too. I haven't bought a pair of jean shorts from a store in YEARS. I either get them from a yard sale or go to Goodwill and cut some jeans up. The jeans shorts in the middle picture above are from a yard sale. The ones in the bottom picture above were originally bootcut jeans from Goodwill.

Another one of my tricks is to shop online at stores such as TJ-Maxx, Boohoo, Forever 21, SheIn, Zaful, etc. These stores have trendy clothes at affordable prices. I know a lot of you have questioned the reliability of some of these stores, such as SheIn or Zaful. I was very skeptical at first as well. However, they are definitely not scams. It may take 5-7 business days, but you will get your order. Some of my tips when buying clothes from these websites are you must measure yourself, read reviews, pay for shipping insurance, and remember you do kind of get what you pay for. Some of these stores do not go by US or UK sizes, so it is very important to know your measures. You can also read the reviews for quality purposes. Also, I know SheIn has free shipping and returns. Therefore, if it doesn't work out, you can just send it back. However, I always pay the $2.99 for shipping insurance. You never know what can happen, especially when it is coming overseas.

Let's talk about the outfits above real quick. I just picked a few pictures of some of my outfits from the past that were affordable. The red and white checked romper is from Zaful. You can click the picture to shop it! The oversized denim jacket is from Goodwill. The second outfit is from Boohoo and Forever 21. I ordered a lot of sweaters from Boohoo this year, and I'm in LOVE. They were incredibly cheap and great quality. The last outfit is from a store called Gabe's. I would describe the store as an even more inexpensive TJ-Maxx. This romper was seriously like $5. I just paired it with a white bralette and some sandals.

Some more things I do to save money is join loyalty programs, sign up for e-mail offers, shop at stores with student discounts, or look up coupons online. These are all ways to get more bang for your buck. Joining a loyalty program can save you tons! I signed up for NikePlus awhile back. With this loyalty program, I get free shipping and free returns. Signing up for e-mail offers can also save you $$$. You can normally get 10-25% off. Student discounts run around 10-15% off too. Then, if all else fails, look up coupons online. One of my favorite sites/apps is the RetailMeNot. You can use it for more than clothes too. All these little things you can do may not seem like a lot, but they will add up for some major savings.

My last tip is to be patient. I will hardly ever pay full price for anything, because sales are happening all the time. I know it is sometimes hard to wait for an item to be discounted, but most of the time trends stay around for more than one season.

I really hope some of my tricks/tips will help you later on with your future shopping! Also, my SheIn order just got here today. Be ready for a fully in-depth, honest review. I can’t wait to show you guys what all I ordered.

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