All Your Favorite Nashville Murals

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Hi babes! As some of y’all may know, I have been doing a mural series over on my Instagram. I decided to put all of the murals in a blog post so it is easier for you guys! Nashville murals are popping up everywhere, so I will be updating this blog post constantly. All the addresses and some tips will be included with each mural.

Rolf & Daughter’s

700 Taylor St.

For the best lighting, I would suggest coming in the evening. If you want to miss the crowd, definitely come before 5pm.

The Dog Spot

5001 Alabama Ave

This is technically a dog grooming place, but you can definitely use it as a cow print wall like I did. There are two sides of this wall. If you want the less crowded side, I would go in the evening for the best lighting.

Nashville Municipal Auditorium

417 4th Ave N

This is definitely one of my favorites! I came in the morning, and the lighting was great. The streets weren’t crowded. Definitely a must see.

Dancing Bears Mural

1103 Woodland St.

There are huge bears on this mural, but I didn’t take pictures with them. I also added a little squiggle on the second picture. I shot this around noon and the lighting was great.

East Nashville Mural

970 Woodland St.

I would definitely come here either early in the morning or maybe later in the evening for the best lighting.

Red Lips Mural

1814 21st Ave S

This one is definitely a classic. The lighting was perfect when I went around noon.

Butterfly Mural

500 Gallatin Ave

First picture is with some edits and the second is with none. I came in the morning and the lighting was great!


2813 West End Ave

I love this one and it’s right by Three Brother’s Coffee. I edited those rainbow colors on there to give the picture more of pop.

Love Y’all

2028 Lindell Ave

This mural is right by the Loading Dock, which is a coffee shop with cool vibes.

Colorful Squiggles

2020 Lindell Ave

This mural is right by the “Love Y’all” mural above!

Make Music Not War

2902 12th Avenue South

Another classic Nashville mural. I went around 3pm and the lighting was not the best. I would suggest going earlier in the morning or the evening.

Molly Green

918 Main St

I love this mural so much. I shot with the pink colors, but there is every color of the rainbow here. I am definitely coming back!

Five Points Pizza Mural

1012 Woodland St

I love all the geometric shapes and colors at this one! It’s also a pizza place too, so even better!

Avocado Mural

1 City Blvd

This mural is a different one, but I love it! This is actually a vegan restaurant. The lighting was great when I went around 10:30 am.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mural?

1003 Russell St

This mural reminds me so much of Fresh Prince Bel-Air. I recommend coming here earlier in the day for the best lighting.

Nashville Balloons Mural

1003 Russell St

This is tourist favorite! It’s at BoomBozz Pizza. Lighting is great in the morning.

Rainbow Drip

1300 3rd Ave N

As you can probably tell by now, I love colorful murals! I think they really make your pictures stand out.

I hope you guys enjoyed all of these murals! I feel like I haven't even put a dent in all the murals in Nashville, so I will updating this post regularly! I am thinking of doing an update Nashville travel guide. I made one forever ago before I actually moved here. Let me know if you think I should do an updated version!

- Laken Fitch

Instagram: @lakenfitch_

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