Litter Robot Thoughts

My fascination all started one day when I was scrolling through TikTok. After hearing this lady say you will never have to scoop litter again, I was SOLD!!! I began my witch hunt to find the Litter Robot. In little to no time, I had it delivered to my door.

I might be bias, but I think Meow’s “kitty korner” looks so cute, especially now with the Litter Robot. I think it adds a modern and minimalistic feel. I picked up the beige, but they also have it in grey. This specific model is the Litter-Robot Connect 3. It is fully automatic, self-cleaning, AND WiFi-enabled. All you have to do is just empty the bin once it‘s full. I genuinely feel like I’m in one of the Back to the Future movies when it does a cleaning cycle. If you want to see more videos on it, I have a highlight on my Instagram or you can go to

My biggest concern was if Meow was going to use it or not. He is very skittish, but he did not really think twice about using it. I will say he is still very intrigued and has laser focus on it when it cycles.

My Final Thoughts

It is seriously so amazing that I never have to scoop litter anymore!!! There is no smell either since it cleans itself frequently. I’ve noticed that there is way less litter getting out and I’m not using as much litter. Also, I forgot to say that there is an app for the Litter Robot. It tells you when to empty the waste bin. You can also control when it cycles and see the history of each cycle. How cool! I am head over heels for this thing hehe. The only “negative” thing I can say about it is the price. It is expensive, but so is anything that is high-tech. Plus, they do offer a monthly payment option. Overall, I would give it 4.8/5 just because of price.