My Christmas WishList *Very Practical*

As I was sitting here this morning, finishing up my wishlist, I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys. I know I love hearing and seeing people's gift ideas or what they are asking for. My wishlists are always super practical. Last year, I asked for a payment on my student loans (like I said, very practical). This year, I went HAMMM on my student loans. So, now that I'm not as stressed with paying those off, I asked for smaller and more practical gift options. I went ahead and linked everything like always. Mostly everything is reasonably priced. If you find something you think would be a good gift for a love one, just click the picture or links below!

1. Portable Charger

I work from my phone probably 90% of the time, so it is always nice to have a portable charger. Plus, I feel like my phone always dies when I need it the most.

I have heard so many great things about Anker portable chargers. This one has over 40,000 review with 4.5 stars. There is also a $20 off coupon right now!!! (link: )

2. Any Athletic Clothes

You probably think I'm crazy for asking for clothes, but I really don't have a lot of athletic clothing. (and by athletic, I mean loungewear hehehehe)

(link: )