My Christmas WishList *Very Practical*

As I was sitting here this morning, finishing up my wishlist, I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys. I know I love hearing and seeing people's gift ideas or what they are asking for. My wishlists are always super practical. Last year, I asked for a payment on my student loans (like I said, very practical). This year, I went HAMMM on my student loans. So, now that I'm not as stressed with paying those off, I asked for smaller and more practical gift options. I went ahead and linked everything like always. Mostly everything is reasonably priced. If you find something you think would be a good gift for a love one, just click the picture or links below!

1. Portable Charger

I work from my phone probably 90% of the time, so it is always nice to have a portable charger. Plus, I feel like my phone always dies when I need it the most.

I have heard so many great things about Anker portable chargers. This one has over 40,000 review with 4.5 stars. There is also a $20 off coupon right now!!! (link: )

2. Any Athletic Clothes

You probably think I'm crazy for asking for clothes, but I really don't have a lot of athletic clothing. (and by athletic, I mean loungewear hehehehe)

(link: )

(link: )

3. Planner for 2021

I cannot go without a planner. It keeps me so organized and on top of things. Here are a few I thought were cute and priced well:

(link: )

(link: )

(link: )

4. Navy Hair Care Pebble Beach Dry Texture Spray

I have heard so many great things about this texture spray. I've been wanting to try it for awhile now. I have really thin and fine hair. So, anything that gives your hair volume, I'm here for it!


5. Black Nike Air Force 1s

I have worn my white air forces OUT... (IYKYK). So, I know I would wear the black ones all the time. I have a lot of white shoes, but need a good black pair. I always order in "big kids" when buying Nike. I am a 7.5 and get 6 in big kids, but size down a half size for air forces.


6. Bluetooth Adapter for Car

My aux cord in my car doesn't work anymore. Also, my car came with bluetooth, but has yet to connect to my phone (got it in 2015). So, def need this guy.

This has almost 50,000 reviews with 4.5 stars. (link:

7. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

I normally don't use powder since my face is so dry, but I love this one for contouring and my t-zone.


8. Self Tanning Back Applicator

I don't know how I just found out about this, but NEEEEED !!! I always have that super white patch on my back when I self tan (not a cute look hahaha).


9. Platform Converse

I have been obsessed with platform/chunky shoes this year. These platform Converse are so cute. They come in white and black!


10. Loving Tan (dark or ultra dark)

Y'all know I love my self tanners. I have recently been trying out different tanners, but nothing compares to Loving Tan. It is a little expensive, which is why I always ask for it for Christmas.



A good quality mitt is key for a smooth, even tan. (link:

11. Backdrop and/or Lighting Kit for Studio

If you watched my stories a few days ago, you know I am going to be turning part of the upstairs into my office/workspace. With covid and the cold weather, I want to make a space for photos inside. I also have been wanting to get into YouTube a little more.



12. Dime Beauty Lash Serum

I have seen so many people talk about it, so have been wanting to see if it's worth the hype.

13. Gift Cards to Local Shops/Restaurants

I put several local shops/restaurants/services on my list. It is so important to support your local business owners. They are struggling more than ever this year.

That is it for my Christmas wishlist. I hope you guys enjoyed and maybe found some gift inso! I did want to say I am not expecting to receive all of these at all. I just love when people give me a huge list so I can have options. Plus, a girl likes to dream hehe.

I love you guys! Merry Christmas!!!