Organizational Finds

I honestly can't believe I am old enough to write this kind of stuff. When did I become an adult? I never thought I would genuinely get excited over organizing and cleaning products, but here we are! I have been decluttering, cleaning, and reorganizing my whole apartment since I've been back in Nashville. It feels so good to free up some space and to be able to see everything. I did not want to spend an arm and a leg nor did I want to wait forever for things to get here. So, everything I purchased is from Amazon and are all Prime items. As always, just click the picture of the item you want to shop. Super easy!

This 7 piece set of plastic containers are a game changer! Please just look at the before and after of my pantry...



They make everything look so neat and clean. They also come with labels and a chalkboard marker, but I decided not to use them.

The next item I picked up was for my jewelry! I don't have a ton, but everything kept getting tangled and was so hard to find the pieces I needed. I had it all shoved in a tiny box, not even a jewelry box. I picked up this item for under $12. It even comes with a hanger!

The front of it is for earrings and bracelets/watches.

I still have a lot more space for other jewelry in the future!

The back is for necklaces. I really love this for myself, but if you have a lot of heavy necklaces I would probably pass on it. It fits perfectly in my closet. I can see everything and everything has a place. Goodbye, tiny random box! Hello, jewelry organizer!

I have a TON of hats, so I picked up a few things. I’ve always wanted to do a hat wall, but was so afraid I wouldn’t do it right. However, these wooden knobs I got from Amazon made it SO easy. I did three hats on this wall and plan to do more on the wall in closet!



I just love how this looks!!! It matches my apartment decor and gives it a Nashville feel. I highly recommend these wooden knobs. At the container store, they were like $3-6 each, but I grabbed 8 of these for under $14.

The next thing I picked up for my hats, is this hat organizer hanger. I will definitely be ordering another one for my beanies. I put all my ball caps and bucket hats on this one. It saves SO much space!



The last thing I picked up is this expandable shelf organizer rack for my bathroom sink. I love this thing too. I totally forgot to take a before picture, but it was so bad...

I hope you guys enjoyed these organizational finds, because I am definitely doing a part 2! Get ready! I am actually tackling my bathroom drawers right now. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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