The Most Basic Nashville Travel Guide

I feel like this post has been a LONG time coming. I get asked for my Nashville recommendations at least a few times a week, so I thought it would be easiest for the both of us if I actually post them on here for everyone to see! I listed mostly iconic/touristy places, but also some low-key/underrated places too. I feel like this list is for those coming to Nashville for the first time + wanting to hit all the "Nashville" places. I still haven't been everywhere. It's probably almost impossible at the rate of how frequent Nashville gets new places, but HERE WE GO!!!

***(in no particular order)***


1. Proper Bagel

They have so many different cream cheeses + bagels + ughh, just so good!!!

2. Pfunky Griddle

this is such a unique breakfast place!!! the customers are the cooks here (you don't have to cook everything. mostly just the pancakes + eggs). it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but we love it.

3. Liberty Common

one my first touristy restaurants I went to when I first moved to Nashville. It is SO cute inside!!! Definitely a great place for breakfast/brunch!

4. Frothy Monkey

another iconic/staple in Nashville. Several locations. My favorite is the one downtown !!!

(if you haven't heard of this place... do you live under a rock?? hahaha)

5. Biscuit Love

very touristy + always has crazy long lines, but is cool to go to for the experience! It might be a little overrated hahaha, but definitely a staple.

6. The Nashville Jam Co.

I feel like this place is very underrated!!! It is so cute + locally owned. If you are wanting to skip the line at Biscuit Love, I would definitely come here instead!!!

B R U N C H:

1. White Limozeen

I mean come on... do I need to say anything about this place??? hahahaha but for real, I don't know if I would actually come here for the food. It is such an aesthetic place, but the food is not the best. Maybe grab a drink/appetizer, a photo, + head out??? *** also, you have to make a reservation to eat here (they STAY booked too) ***

2. Saint Anejo

such a great Mexican restaurant right by the Gulch. Their street corn is fiiiire!! Also, they are almost always busy, so keep that in mind too.

3. Milk & Honey

another place in the Gulch. such a cute place to eat!

4. Hampton Social

this is definitely an iconic restaurant here in Nashville. very popular + touristy. so many great places for pictures too! the aesthetics are always on point!

5. Pinewood Social

another Nashville staple is Pinewood Social. They are definitely known for the bowling space, but they also have great food too!

6. Ainsworth

this place (I feel like) isn't as touristy, but is the perfect spot for brunch! If you are wanting more of a low-key spot compared to Hampton Social/White Limo/etc, then maybe look at coming here! :)

D I N N E R :

1. Bar Taco

the most popular restaurant in 12 South by far. Our favorite tacos are the sesame ribeye, glazed pork belly, + seared chorizo. We love eating at Bar Taco, but do think it might be a tad bit overhyped due to the crazy long wait time every time we go hahaha.

2. Loveless Cafe

this is a little of a drive outside of the city, but worth it. so iconic, great southern comfort foods!

3. Pharmacy

honestly, probably one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the Nashville area. If you like burgers... please come here!!! I dream about this place sometimes tbh.

4. Hopdoddy

This place used to be my JAM when I worked in Hillsboro Village. Such a great burger joint. Whatever you do, you have to order the parmesan truffle fries. They are SO good!!!

5. Redheaded Stranger

Red Headed Stranger is very underrated (in my opinion) !!! Their tacos are so good!

6. Edley's BBQ

this BBQ joint in 12 South is always a good time!!! Just look at that photo!!! Their banana pudding is also great!!!


1. Five Daughter's

definitely a fan favorite + super touristy. They have several locations, but I feel like they are most popular for this one in 12 South.

2. Tiff's Treats

my favorite cookie delivery company!!! they are the best :)

3. Baked Bear

This place is soooo good! It can be a little rich (depending on what you get), but still so good!

4. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

super popular here in Nash. I love their Darkest Chocolate flavor + their Brambleberry Crisp. They have dairy-free options too!

5. No Baked

love their cookie dough soooo much!!! they have vegan options, if you are vegan. You can order it online + have it shipped to your house too!


1. Broadway

the most touristy thing on the list hahaha, but for real, I think everyone should experience Broadway at least once. I know it has a bad reputation to some because of the bar scene, but you don't have to do that!!! Broadway low-key has some great food!!! If you like sushi, you have to try out Acme's !!! I also love to people watch sometimes + this is the best place to do so. They also have little souvenir shops, ice cream + candy places, etc. It is what you make it!

2. 5th and Broadway

this is right off of Broadway! it's like an outdoor shopping and restaurant center. It is fairly new too! I really like the pizza at Slim + Husky's!! So good!!!

3. L&L Marketplace

L&L Marketplace has so many different businesses + is so cute inside!

4. 12 South

even though it's one of the most touristy places, it is still one of my absolute favorite places in Nashville. It just makes me feel all warm + fuzzy inside for some reason.

5. Gulch

another popular + iconic part of Nashville. They have a lot of shops, murals, + restaurants!

6. Pins Mechanical/16-Bit

such an underrated place to hangout in Nashville!!! We enjoy coming here for the mini bowling + the arcade

7. Top Golf

I know there are several Top Golf locations, but we just love going!!! It is such a fun time + the sunset there is just beautiful!

Wax Museum

this is definitely not a popular one, but this was one of the most fun times I've had in Nashville. Mom came to visit + we came here + had a blast!!!

6th and Peabody

6th and Peabody is such a cool place! We went to watch the Preds play one night + loved it! They have indoor + outdoor space and all different businesses.


1. Graduate Hotel

probably the cutest + most famous hotel in Nashville. I feel like I don't need to say much about it hahaha

2. Russell

historical church turned boutique hotel. very colorful + fun!

3. Virgin Hotel

such a cool/vibey spot in Nashville! has a really great pool deck too!

4. Gallatin Hotel

kind of like an airbnb vibe? Idk how to explain it, but it is super cool + great for larger parties. My friend, Jaycie, stayed here + gave me a tour + it's so cute!!! also, sister to Russell Hotel!!

5. Margaritaville

Literally love staying at any Margaritaville location! They are always so fun, bright, + colorful!

6. Nashville Pinky

If you are an AirBnB + pink lover, this one is for you!

7. Champagne House

My good friend, Molly, owns this + does such a great job of decorating it! This AirBnB is HUGE, so would be great for bachelorette parties!


1. Avail

I used Avail in August + it was the best experience. If you are flying into Nashville, I highly recommend booking through Avail. They have the sweetest employees, clean + safe cars, and are extremely affordable! I still have a coupon code, if you do decide to book: "LAKEN" for $50 off your first booking!

2. Honky Tonk Party Express

definitely not a rental car company hahaha, but it is still pretty cool to ride around in on Broadway. If you're a bachelorette party coming into town, this could be something fun for y'all to do!!

3. Uber/Lyft

I feel like this is pretty obvious hahaha, but I thought I would throw it in.