Walmart Finds (Fall/Winter)

Y'all already know I am huge on frugal living and affordable finds. You don't have to spend $60 on a sweater any more. Places like Walmart make it easy to find trendy items at an affordable price. Here are some of my picks for this fall/winter season (just click the picture to shop or the link below it):

These sweaters caught my eye quick. They look expensive, but UNDER $20. They are also very soft. (link: )

This is one of my favorite finds! The denim jacket with sherpa lining looks very similar to the Levi's one. (link:

These sherpa pullovers looked so comfy! They are right under $15. (link:

These teddy coats looked high end as well. They are actually almost $10 cheaper online.


This $10 sherpa has been worn SO much by me it is almost embarrassing. I got this in an XL in juniors. (link: )

Corduroy is really in right now for fall and winter. These tan and black jackets are right under $20. (link: )

I hope you guys enjoyed my picks from Walmart! Let me know if you want to see more in the future.

-Laken Fitch